A simple little book, based on science, that busts all the myths about skincare, and shows you what you really need to make better skin. Your Skin Factory is written by Dr Des Fernandes, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and expert on vitamin therapy for the skin, and Jennifer Munro an author who has interpreted his research for ordinary people.


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A journey into the world of skin needling from two of the world’s leading authorities on the subject, Dr Des Fernandes and Dr Matthias Aust.

Accessible science at its best! Remarkable pictures of actual case studies from the doctors’ own practices fill the book with hard to believe evidence of the simple procedure that can improve scars until they are almost invisible and reverse aging of the skin.


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skin analysis

Coming soon…Skin Analysis the Professional Way

This book is for Skin Therapists, who are building a business and wanting to make a real difference to their client’s skin.This is not a scientific skin textbook but a book to assist you in becoming a more effective skin care professional. So much of what we need to know is in a thorough understanding of the skin, especially epidermal function, and paying attention to your client’s particular issues, as everyone’s skin is unique and requires a customised regimen.


The long awaited medical text book from Dr Des Fernandes and Dr Ernst Eiselen is now available!


Vitamin A Skin Science is the combined knowledge of two dedicated and experienced medical practitioners whose firm belief in the beneficial properties of Vitamin A and other anti-oxidants for the skin has led them to want to share this vital information with the world. It is the result of many years of intensive research in both the laboratory and private practice. The book lays out, in detail, how these humble, but critical substances can repair the skin, strengthen it and boost its immunity to disease.


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“Vitamin A rich skin does not get skin cancer.” Dr Des Fernandes


Dr Fernandes was voted one of the top ten plastic surgeons in the world by Insignia magazine


“The first and the last word on vitamin therapy for the skin comes from Dr Des Fernandes.” Dr Matthias Aust, Plastic Surgeon


“Every now and then someone comes along who changes the game forever. That’s what Dr Fernandes has done with his Vitamin A research. This is the work of a man who refused to let skin cancer have the final say.” Dr Theo Rousseau, Plastic Surgeon