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Cape Town launch of Your Skin Factory

Your Skin Factory launch in Cape Town was held in the The Centre for the Book in Victoria Street. 200 guests enjoyed the wine and snacks and evening of questions with Dr Fernandes.


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About the book

A Production Manual for Better Skin!

without vit a

You are the Manager of your own Skin Factory! You have to buy the raw materials. You have to look after the machines and attend to security issues, manage the staff and make sure the product conforms to the Works Order. And the Order is for beautiful, healthy skin throughout your life. As Manager of the factory you’re in charge of the showroom – nobody wants spots, or wrinkles, or cancer!

If you think that these unpleasant skin conditions are inevitable then this book brings you the good news that they’re not! A well-run factory produces an excellent  product – it just needs a good Production Manual.

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BY Alin Akin

As a woman I am always on the quest to achieve a flawless complexion. So when I was asked to attend a press briefing on a new booked called, ‘Your Skin Factory‘, I jumped at the chance. I was hoping this book would tell me something about skin care that I didn’t know and I’m glad to say it didn’t disappoint. I would hope so, after all it has taken four years to put the book together and over 30 years of scientific research.

Authors of the book, Dr Des Fernandes and Jennifer Munro, were both in attendance with Jennifer starting off the presentation on how they met and how the book came about. Jennifer went through a few overpriced, celebrity beauty fads she had seen in the press, including a £165 facial snail treatment which she expressed would only moisturise the skin, if that.

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